U.S. Taxation

U.S. taxation is ever-changing. It presents various regulatory demur for Canadian businesses and individuals. At RMI Professional Corporation, we recognize how regulations relating to individuals and specific industries can be unique and work closely with our clients and tailor our tax advice based on their particular needs.

At RMI Professional Corporation, we provide an individual approach for U.S. tax planning. By implementing different tax saving strategies such as new incorporations, reorganization, capitalizing on income splitting, appropriately structuring business purchases or sales, estate planning, and succession planning we suggest legal practices to diminish your taxes, RMI Professional Corporation’s U.S. tax team assists in saving income for both you and your business.

Our U.S. Taxation Services Include:

U.S. Personal Tax Services

U.S. Corporate Tax Services

US taxes for individuals and corporations in Calgary

Simply call our office and ask to speak with a member of our Canadian tax team.